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I paid a visit to my wonderful hair colourist Daniel Galvin Junior yesterday. “Daniel”, I said, “I’m desperate for a change. I want to do something really dramatic. I want to feel sexy again. I want to be a red head”.

Daniel arched his eyebrow and proceeded to tell me that the two times in a woman’s life when she wants to make a dramatic change to her hair colour are after a break up and after having a baby. Often the woman in question does something dramatic, instantly regrets it and days/weeks/months of crying and bad hair days ensue.

Daniel’s advice to me was not to go proper long term red which would mean using industrial strength colour that would eventually go orange and would need to be grown out. Instead, he’s going to do some classy highlights and then use a temporary vegetable colour to give me the change I’m craving. He said I should go a nice shade of copper and reassured me that he wouldn’t dream of doing anything that didn’t suit me. I’m going in for my hair change in a fortnight and will of course post pictures. Damn I love Daniel for his honesty and for the fact that he never lets me act on impulse (which I’m prone to doing) when it comes to my hair.

On the subject of hair, my fringe has been so disgusting since having Poppy. It doesn’t matter how often I wash my locks, it always looks greasy within a matter of hours. I’ve taken to spraying my fringe with dry shampoo which invariably leads me to look like I’m going grey because of that annoying white residue that all dry shampoos seem to leave. Well I’m pleased to say that I’ve finally found a great dry shampoo that leaves hardly any residue at all.

Fellow beauty blogger Ruth Crilly recently launched COLAB which is a dry shampoo range that promises to leave your hair smelling beautiful and is sheer and invisible. The range currently contains five different scents, each one named after a different city. I went for Rio which has a rather sickly tropical fragrance that does settle after a few minutes. The beauty of it though is that it makes your hair look healthy and fresh without dulling it with the aforementioned residue. Excellent stuff and very cheap too. You can get it  for around £3.50 from Superdrug, Harvey Nichols and here.




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