New Hair = New Woman?()

Last week I wandered into Daniel Galvin Junior’s posh Chelsea Hair salon with a spring in my step. I was baby free and looking forward to a few pamper-filled hours reading magazines and without any home related distractions. More importantly, I wanted to rediscover my old self a bit but also have a big change to give me a much needed boost. Changing my hair colour seemed like a nice way to go about it and I can’t think of anyone better to do it than Daniel. He is a total genius and I trust him implicitly.

Daniel is such a clever man and managed to create me two looks in one. He started by doing a half head of hazel highlights and then coloured my hair the red of my dreams with a vegetable dye. The idea was that the vegetable dye would take really nicely to the lighter areas but as it faded I’d still be left with beautiful highlights. Initially I was up for going permanently red but he warned me that red is notoriously tricky to maintain. What starts off as a beautiful rich red can fade to an unsightly orange in the sun. Vegetable colours give a dramatic change that is good for your hair and fades well. The only down side is that it only lasts for a few weeks, but the more vegetable dyes you do, the more of a build up you get and the longer they last.

Oh and a quick tip that I picked up…when you have your hair coloured with vegetable dye don’t use too much conditioner and rinse it off really quickly as it makes the colour fade more quickly. Daniel has a great range of organic and affordable shampoos and conditioners that are free of nasties and perfect for helping to maintain your colour. Check them out here

So….here’s a photo diary of my big change:

photo 1photo 2photo 3photo 4photo 5photo (6)

I walked out feeling like a new woman. It’s silly really how a little change can make you feel good about yourself but it really does. Chris was really excited when he saw me and loves me as a red head and I’ve had so many compliments. Being red makes me feel sexy and confident although it does clash with a lot of my clothes….black has definitely been my clothing colour of choice recently.

Daniel can be found at 4 West Halkin Street just down the road from Harvey Nichols. Here’s a link to his website. I’m going back in a month for another new look. Perhaps I’ll go pink this time :0)



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